Yellen Dashboard


Mitsuo Shiota


April 25, 2019

As a statistics learner, I hate time series data, because it requires me to take more caution, like stationarity, than cross sectional data. As a R learner, I also hate time series data, because I have to learn other packages than tidyverse. As most economic data are time series, I have to find some way.

Then I have found tidyquant package. I am attracted by the function to download economic data from FRED, and the concept of long format data frame with 3 columns, “date”, “symbol” and “price”.

So I try it, and have made “yellen-dashboard” in my GitHub repos. This shows the dashboard of US labor market charts, which Janet Yellen, former Fed chair, was said to be watching. As I can easily update the dashboard, I can be more frequently bothered to guess Fed’s next move.