Update: China retaliation values caluculated from China data, not from the US data


Mitsuo Shiota


June 18, 2019

I have added a new page to US tariffs on China repo.

When I played with the US customs data, I guessed that Chinese calculated the retaliation values based on HS 6 digit codes, while they actually impose tariffs based on HS 8 digit codes. Later I have learned that HS codes are not so harmonized, and that HS codes can be different between the US and China. I have felt uneasy about my guess. So I have looked for the China customs data. In this new page, I have got the HS 6 digit data reported by China from UN Comtrade, and found that China data also support my guess.

CORRECTION as of ‘2019-06-24’: As I forgot to change text2df function, I continued to omit 0s in the right of tariff imposed HS 8 digit codes in “China-hits-back2.Rmd”. As a result, some HS 6 digit codes failed to match, and I calculated import values as smaller than actual. After correction, I have found that China data do NOT support my guess.