Hamamatsu-city defeated


Mitsuo Shiota


February 7, 2020

I have just done an annual update of “City competition to consume in Japan”. The latest year is now 2019.

Hamamatsu-city, the last year champion in consuming dumplings, was defeated by the rival Utsunomiya-city. It now ranks second.

Hamamatsu-city, 11 year in a row champion in consuming grilled eel, was badly defeated. I am surprised. Look at my shiny app. Select “level 5”, item “364 grilled eel” and year “2019”, and you will find “22130 Hamamatsu-city” is out of top 10. If you change year to any from “2008” to “2018”, you will see “22130 Hamamatsu-city” is the outstanding champion. (BTW, it was not in the list of cities in 2007.) What happened? I don’t know. It may be related to the fact that it is getting harder to catch baby eels, and that grilled eels are now expensive.