Complaint to WHO, and memo to myself


Mitsuo Shiota


June 11, 2020

Every morning, I update Covid-19, WHO situation report, and shiny app.

This morning, WHO situation report was No. 142, which I downloaded at 7:43 am, June 11, Japan Time. And its Table 1 was a mess. Check sum alerted me something is wrong. I found:

  1. The numbers of Kosovo are not of Kosovo, but of Isle of Man.
  2. Kosovo and Puerto Rico are missing.
  3. French Guiana and Jersey are duplicated.

From the grand total, I know total new_conf of Kosovo and Puerto Rico is 139. I speculate 69 for Kosovo, and 70 for Puerto Rico. I have to correct them later.

Update: I re-downloaded No. 142 at 7:37 am, June 12, Japan Time, and found it was corrected. Thank you, WHO. It turned out that new_conf was 0 for Kosovo, and 139 for Puerto Rico.