Migrated to Quarto


Mitsuo Shiota


June 15, 2023

Today, I migrated from Blogdown/Hugo to Quarto. I basically followed an article by Art Steinmetz in r-bloggers. Thank you, Art.

What pushed me for migration was code-fold and code-tools options. To echo, or not to echo, that is no longer a question. Great! I added the lines below to _metadata.yml in posts.

code-fold: true
code-tools: true

fig-width: 6
fig-height: 3.708

I also added the lines below to yaml header of each post which includes figures to make figures look consistent.

    out.width: '70%'

It took me four days to migrate my 13 Rmd posts and 77 md posts. md posts were easy: just delete tags: and slug: lines. Rmd posts were hard, as I changed them into qmd and re-rendered. I also added ‘fig-’ and ‘tbl-’ prefix to figure and table label. I believe migration was the right choice, as Quarto is the future.